In line with the quick development of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we believe that it is
important to approach the situation with urgency. Eagles utmost priority is the health
and safety of our employees, customers, and partners in the community we serve.

EagleĀ believes that limiting travel can reduce the risks of infection. Most of our
employees are now on a work-from-home setup. Employees working in the office are limited to service
technicians on stand-by and are strictly observing social distancing.

1. We will be able to answer sales, supplies, customer support, and accounting inquiries through phone calls, email.

2. On-site technician support is discouraged. Off-site remote support will be employed via phone call. Our service hotlines are open Monday-Friday from 8AM to 5PM PST.

3. If on-site service technician support is warranted, it will be:
limited to urgent device issues
limited to operating essential businesses/ clients.

4. Scheduled work orders that do not meet criteria above are all cancelled/ rescheduled on a later

5. Scheduled client and office visits are cancelled. For any client who wish to visit our office,
warehouse, or showroom with an in-person meeting with an employee is discouraged. Kindly
contact us first via call, email, to confirm or postpone visit. There will no longer be toner pick ups from our offices.

May you find this information helpful on how Eagle responds to coronavirus.

We highly appreciate your continued support.

Be safe and be healthy